Healed and Sealed is a magic trick that was invented by the Swedish magician Anders Moden in 1997. The effect was popularised by Australian magician Tim Ellis when performed during his 2002 global lecture tour with Sue-Anne Webster. The television rights were bought by David Blaine in 2002 and performed on his TV show Vertigo. The Illusion is presented by showing a discarded soda can or opening, pouring out the drink and crushing the can then having the dents in the can pop out and the hole in the top reseal. The magician then opens the can and pours out the drink.


The hole on the top of the can isn't really there, it is a piece of paper that you cut to put there to fit the hole when it really is open. Then you poke a hole in the back of the can and let about 1/3 of the soda out of the can. Squeeze the can to make it look dented. cover the hole in the back of the can and shake it. The pressure will make it pop out. Then you move your hand over the hole to make it look like your resealing it. You're really taking the paper off. Then you open it and pour it out.

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