Gianni A. Sarcone (born March 20, 1962) is an artist and an author of columns and articles for newspapers and magazines featuring visual puzzles and math brain teasers. He is contributing editor to 'Focus Junior' (Italy), 'Rivista Magia' (Italy), 'Alice & Bob / Bocconi University' (Italy), 'Brain Games' (USA), and 'Tangente Magazine' (France). Sarcone is also a designer and a researcher with more than thirty years of experience in the fields of visual creativity, recreational mathematics and educational games. Amongst other notable projects, he created and designed the logo of the International Puzzle Party (IPP), an organization that holds every year (since 1978) puzzle parties in North America, Europe, or Japan.

Considered a leading authority on visual perception by academic institutions, Sarcone was a juror at the Third Annual "Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest" held in Sarasota, Florida (USA). His optical illusion project 'Mask of Love' was named in the top 10 best optical illusions in the "2011 Best Illusion of the Year Contest" held in Naples, Florida (USA).

G. Sarcone has written and published several educational text books and illustrated books in English, French and Italian on brain training and on the mechanism of vision. He is the founder of a consulting network of experts specializing in improving and developing creativity - for which he has been commended with a long list of accolades and awards, including the Scientific American 2003 Sci/Tech Web Award in MATHEMATICS and received recognition in the U.S.A. from: CNN Headline News, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and

He has appeared on several national and international television programs, including 'Rai 3' Italy, 'RTL 9 Channel' France, 'TSR 1 Channel' Switzerland, and 'TVRL Channel' Switzerland.

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