Dick Termes is an American artist who uses a six point perspective system that he devised to create unique paintings on large spheres called Termespheres.


Termespheres are paintings on spherical canvases that capture an entire environment (Up, Down, Left, Right, Front & Back). Termespheres are typically hung by small chains and rotated with electric ceiling motors to reveal a complete world as the spheres slowly rotate. Optical illusions tend to appear as the spheres rotate. Although the image is painted on the outside of the convex sphere, the vantage point continuously changes. The rotation also may appear to reverse direction, giving the sensation that the viewer is inside the painting viewing the concave surface of the inside of the rotating sphere. Although the six point perspective appears very non-linear and distorted when viewed on a two-dimensional plane, when the design is superimposed on the sphere, the perspective appears corrected. Termes acknowledges strong influences from M.C. Escher and Buckminster Fuller in developing his technique.

Workshops & LecturesEdit

Dick Termes conducts lectures and workshops for schools, education professionals, mathematicians and the general public, revealing the connections between art and math/science in his work. He performs workshops and lectures covering topics including:

  • slides/exhibits of Termespheres
  • one to six point perspective
  • creating polyhedra models
  • three-dimensional structures
  • making geodesic domes

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