The Laser Illusion is an illusion performed by David Copperfield in several magic shows. The magician or his assistant is cut by a "laser" into two or more parts and starts walking.

Illusion descriptionEdit

As performed during the TV special "Copperfield: Tornado of Fire" which aired on CBS in 2001, Copperfield was "cut in half" by his assistant or assistants, wielding the laser beam. Sparks and flames flew where the beam "hits" this body. Copperfield then demonstrated to the audience that he was truly in two pieces by lowering the top half of his body onto a chair while the lower half of his body (waist down) remained visibly standing. As the finale, Copperfield, still separated from the waist, held on to his legs as he walked and hopped to the front of the stage, where he lifted the upper half of his body onto the bottom half and "re-connected" himself.

The illusion is not currently featured in the live performances of David Copperfield, who rotates effects in and out of his repertoire as new material evolves and is developed.

This illusion was originally called "Man Apart", as named by its creator, Steve Fearson.[citation needed] After a single live performance on Nipon TV in Japan, Fearson sold the exclusive rights to David Copperfield for an undisclosed amount of money.

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